How to use new email list service:

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Updated 10 May 2020

The operation of this email list service is similar to the former Yahoo Groups.


1. The C470 group is a private group.
2. Anyone on the internet may search and find that the C470 group exists — but they cannot access any of the content.
3. An “outsider” my send a request to be admitted as a member of the C470 group. At the moment, I am the “Owner” of this new group and I am the person who grants access.
4. Emails sent to the group become parts of “Discussions” - or “threads”
5. The messages are organized by threads in the web tool version.
6. Emails when retransmitted by the list server will be sent to the email address used to register as a C470 group member.
7. Emails will also be listed and archived in the C470 web tool version by discussion thread [aka Subject].
8. Each email you receive from will have a link at the bottom that will take you to the web tool when you click it.
9. MOST IMPORTANT & USEFUL: now all the emails and threads in the group can be searched for topics of interest to a member using the web tool.

1. To send an email to the C470 group from any email app that you use.

Use To Address:

Subject: Use a subject line that will be descriptive of the thread of “discussions” you will initiate.

2. To reply to an email thread from the with the web tool, just click on Reply when reading the thread.

3. To reply to a email in your email app, choose Reply to All option — otherwise it will go ONLY to the person who wrote the latest email.

4. To start a new thread / discussion topic from the web tool: click on New Topic

5. To start a new thread / discussion topic from your email app, just create a descriptive Subject.

When you have sent a new email or a reply, you will receive a copy when everyone on the mailing list gets a copy (not a second copy immediately as Yahoo sometimes did).

One of the really useful aspects of is the grouping of emails by thread in the web tool. Easy for you to search for relevant information.

SOOOO I strongly suggest that you take a moment extra and compose an appropriate Subject line instead of going off on a new tangent by just replying to the most recent email.

For example, if you just want to exchange pleasantries as opposed ot discussing a specific topic, use Social (or whatever similar you like) as the Subject line of your email or reply. This will keep the topic threads more internally relevant. And, yeah, I know it takes a few extra seconds to do; and Yes you do have to remember to do it — BUT: no one promised you that being a sailing bum was easy!

More to come as I get smarter….

Information on former C470 Yahoo Group & Transition to Google Groups when Yahoo stopped support.